Converging the intellectual elite of leading scientists 

“Coming to today’s event, we bring some unique solutions from CTOptimal based on artificial intelligence (AI) and optimal algorithms to solve 3 “problems” including Logistics (services). logistics), Healthcare (health care) and UAV (drones). This platform is a scientific research project for many years, with optimal algorithms that have won international awards researched and developed by leading professors who are all French of Vietnamese origin,” Mr. Dang’s introduction said. Phu, Director of Global Business Development of CTOptimal, at the Vietnam International Innovation Exhibition 2023 attracted the attention of many people, including us.

CTOptimal’s booth at Vietnam International Innovation Exhibition 2023

​Taking advantage of the lunch break, when the visitors to the exhibition had finished, we made an appointment to meet Mr. Phu with the desire to learn more interesting things about the “rookie” CTOptimal in the “village” of Vietnamese technology enterprises.

After the greeting, Mr. Phu quickly introduced an overview of his Group: With more than 30 years of development, CT Group has made its mark in the public as a multi-industry corporation, recently shifting its focus a lot. more about the technology segment, with 6 major technologies including: Health Care, Artificial Intelligence, Green Cryptocurrency, Genes & Cells, New Energy, and Quantum Computing.

“CTOptimal is a member company of CT Group, headquartered in France, with branches in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, with the participation of many leading professors from the French Academy , especially mathematicians, along with a team of experienced information technology experts and engineers transferring applied mathematical works into software. The idea of establishing CTOptimal originated from the wishes of Mr. Tran Kim Chung, Chairman of CT Group. For a long time, Mr. Chung thought that Vietnam has many scientists with world-class scientific works, but many of them have not been applied in practice to solve specific “problems”. can serve Vietnam and humanity”, Mr. Phu quickly sketched out the special features of his business.

CTOptimal’s “own path” is to bring famous Vietnamese scientific works into specific products, develop a range of technology products focusing on almost unexplored market segments, and spread Distribute these products to contribute to promoting and affirming the imprint of Vietnamese intelligence and Vietnamese technology on the world map, contributing to digital transformation, green transformation, and sustainable development globally.

Focus on solving 3 big “problems”

Referring to the “core values of the business”, Mr. Phu immediately showed off CTOptimal’s most favorite AI platforms.

First of all, the DCALog platform, an AI platform for logistics activities, is considered to have optimal speed and efficiency in the Top 5 in the world.

DCALog applies AI and the DCA optimization algorithm to solve the “problem” of transportation and logistics. DC planning and DCA optimization algorithm are mathematical works that won international awards by Vietnamese professors and doctors.

In fact, every day, e-commerce businesses and logistics businesses have to deliver thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of orders. In each order there is a lot of information such as the customer, delivery address, delivered items… They have to operate a large number of trucks to transport goods, which will be quite a headache in optimizing the working route. How to increase truck fill rate, minimize costs and resources for the supply chain.

DCALog applies the DCA optimization algorithm, a mathematical work that won an international award by Vietnamese professors and doctors

​CTOptimal’s DCALog platform has been tested at a retail chain of more than 500 supermarkets in Hanoi, with more than 2,000 orders to be delivered every day, using an average of about 130 heterogeneous trucks (2 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons…).

“We put it into operation for 1 month and have made comparisons to evaluate the effectiveness. Compared to the customer’s existing solution, DCALog runs many times faster, calculating cost savings of more than 23%. Compared to IBM CPLEX (one of the world’s leading optimization platforms), on the same data set, in the same context, DCALog runs on average 10 times faster, the calculation cost is 14 times lower on average. %. This impressive result is due to CTOptimal’s unique, exclusive optimization algorithm,” Mr. Phu stated a series of figures that highlight the advantages of DCALog.

The second “problem” that CTOptimal focuses on solving is in the health care segment, initially focusing on issues related to the heart.

According to statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2021, on average each year globally, more than 20 million people die from cardiovascular diseases, of which 80% are related to stroke. “The consequences of stroke are dire, and the age of people suffering from stroke is getting younger and younger. Stroke can actually be detected early. With the AEM System model (automatic electrocardiogram monitoring system), based on the patient’s electrocardiogram (ECG) data, the AI system will analyze the data and issue warnings about the possibility of stroke as well as some other cardiovascular diseases,” Mr. Phu described.

CTOptimal has solutions to support the operations of hospitals, medical facilities, and also has health care solutions for individual users

​AEM System targets two customers: The first is hospitals and medical facilities. CTOptimal’s technology platform will be integrated into the hospital’s electrocardiogram system. After AI analysis returns the results, doctors will have more multi-dimensional information to advise and diagnose patients. more accurate and more effective. The second audience is the end users. CTOptimal will develop apps on smartphones (Smart Watch), which can run on iOS or Android platforms. This App helps users periodically measure electrocardiograms, provide regular data, and support planning for monitoring. In case the user is at risk of stroke, the app has the function of alerting relatives or personal doctors, or can immediately call emergency services for timely treatment, minimizing the dire consequences of stroke.

To have a large data set for AI analysis, CTOptimal is collaborating with a medical volunteer community in France of more than 100,000 people, as well as linking with a number of hospitals in Indonesia and will soon link with a number of hospitals in Vietnam.

Applying AI and algorithms helps UAVs operate like virtual pilots

​The third “problem” is the application of AI and unique algorithms, high-precision analysis to control UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) with the ability to act like a virtual pilot.

There are many types of drones and UAVs on the market… however, Mr. Phu said that CTOptimal directs its products to solve specific and complex “problems”: “We give UAVs the ability to fly on their own.” No need for a driver, no need for GPS. Our products can serve many purposes such as operational support related to remote sensing activities, agriculture, forestry… For example, to manage thousands of hectares of forest, it is impossible to control a drone. We need a UAV that can fly on its own according to a pre-programmed trajectory, and a camera system that continuously analyzes data to help warn of forest fires, loggers, etc. Our UAV solution currently has a number of export orders. exported to foreign countries”.

“The optimal algorithms that make Vietnamese scientists famous have the ability to be applied in many fields, but in the immediate future, we want to focus on solving the 3 specific “problems” mentioned above. Later, we will expand the platform to solve more “problems”, Mr. Phu added.

Promoting Vietnamese intellectual imprints in the world 

CT Group and CTOptimal are constantly striving to realize the aspiration of bringing famous Vietnamese AI application platforms and optimization algorithms to the world technology map.

Technology products researched and developed by Vietnamese hearts and minds are continuously introduced to the public through a series of recent international events such as: The 5th Global Young Parliamentarians Conference. 9, Vietnam International Innovation Exhibition 2023…

Approaching CTOptimal’s solutions at the Global Young Parliamentarians Conference held last September, Mr. Lord Fakafanua, Chairman of the National Assembly of Tonga, assessed these as “world-class solutions, most especially algorithms.” is much better and more efficient than what IBM did. I think CTOptimal’s delivery optimization solution can be used in the South Pacific so we can live greener, reducing carbon emissions.”

Positive feedback from the community has been a great motivation to encourage the CTOptimal team to confidently continue on their journey.

“According to the plan, in 2024, we will start going global with highly competitive products. The first destinations will be France, the US, and leading countries in technology in Asia – Pacific such as Japan, Korea, Singapore…”, estimated CTOptimal’s Global Business Development Director future.

No business segment is “all commission”, there is still quite a distance from pure research projects to practical applications.

To be able to transfer scientific works into a specific software, a specific AI platform, CT Group and CTOptimal have devoted a lot of enthusiasm, intelligence, time, effort and financial resources. main.

CTOptimal’s team of “knowledge elites” are all Vietnamese, always wanting to apply technology to serve Vietnamese people and then serve humanity. This is the difference and also the outstanding competitive advantage of this business when “reaching out to the big ocean”.

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