Established in 1992, CT Group has undergone a significant journey spanning two centuries, consistently growing with an unwavering core value of being a Group for the Community. In 2022, marking its 30 years of continuous development, CT Group stands with 62 subsidiary companies present in 12 countries, poised for the next 30 years amidst a rapidly changing world in the midst of a technological storm. Prepared to conquer, CT Group harnesses internal strength through 6 comprehensive forces: Culture, Technology, Speed, Globalization, Differentiation, and Westpoint.

In tandem with elevating the development of Smart Cities to an entirely new and comprehensive level, CT Group is focusing on advancing into the high-tech sector, aligning with the Fourth Industrial Revolution – a global scientific and technological revolution that will permanently alter humanity.

With resilience, persistence, 30 years of accumulated glory, extensive research, vision, and accurate foresight regarding global development, CT Group has meticulously prepared for many years to be ready to “Transform into the Dragons of Future Technology” on the new journey of the next 30 years.


CT Group, with 11 key sectors, plays a crucial role in Vietnam's and ASEAN's development and contributes significantly to humanity.


As a typical conglomerate of the ASEAN bloc, CT Group is committed to being the gateway to humanity's future in the new era, fostering harmonious development between Technology, Natural Environment, and Humanity.


1. Despite up and down, CT group has been a business for the community since the first day of establishment. By consistently implemented this value, it has now become the core value of the business.
2. CT Group is where every ordinary employee can have a great life
3. CT Group is leading in innovative activities to help the world to be better


At CT Group, people are the foremost factor in the group’s development strategy. CT Group is a hub for comprehensive human development, covering intelligence, character, style, work skills, and life skills, alongside fostering shared economic prosperity for its members and their families. The “360-degree policy” is a specially designed policy that cares for development in both material and spiritual aspects. The Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) offers attractive stock incentives, lifelong life insurance with benefits up to billions of dong, car bonuses, and housing for employees, creating an inclusive and loving environment.
In the workplace, employees also have the opportunity to enhance their health, improve physical fitness, and experience positive living. CT Group regularly organizes various entertaining activities, social events, and annual vacations. Notably, the CT Group Caravan journey is a renowned training program in the market.
For those passionate about social activities, CT Group is an environment where you can actively contribute to the community daily. The company values social responsibility, assisting the poor and vulnerable in society, as embedded in CT Group’s core values since its inception. For tech enthusiasts, CT Group opens the door to access global technology and step into the future of Industry 4.0.
The employees’ mantra is, ‘CT Group is where an ordinary employee can become extraordinary.’ CT Group has been honored with the Best Workplace in Asia award in 2020 and 2022 by HR Asia magazine. Over 30 years of development, CT Group is authentically known as a community-focused conglomerate, constantly fighting for good, against evil, for the civilization and progress of humanity. It is a place where even an ordinary employee can lead a great life like a leader without a title.
In preparation for a new phase of development, CT Group has launched a recruitment program for 25,000 employees by 2025, solidifying its commitment to continued growth and societal contribution.”