From the early days of its establishment, whether facing challenges or enjoying favorable conditions, the people of CT Group have consistently THOUGHT AND ACTED FOR THE COMMUNITY, as an everyday norm. This has become a core culture characterized by SUSTAINABILITY and PERMEATES THROUGHOUT the entire operation of the Group, acting as a guiding compass throughout its journey.


Products that bring harmonious benefits to individuals and businesses.
Products with real societal value.
Products with a reputable, high-quality, and reasonably priced.
COC Business Culture – Customer-Oriented.


The conglomerate promotes a culture of continuous learning within the organization, emphasizing the importance of ongoing personal development for each individual.
CT Group has established a Training Center with three specialized functional rooms to provide the best courses for employees: Integration Training, Product Knowledge Training, Soft Skills Training (to enhance operational efficiency), and Advanced Professional Training.


Ritual – Righteousness – Benevolence – Wisdom – Trust
CT Group aspires to create a microcosm of a fair, virtuous, and prosperous society, nurturing the material and spiritual well-being of both current and future members of the CT Group. It is the first conglomerate to develop a micro-community guided by the values of the Five Constants: Ritual, Righteousness, Benevolence, Wisdom, and Trust (with a slight adjustment in order: Benevolence, Ritual, Righteousness, Wisdom, Trust).

CT Group is where every ordinary employee can have a great life