On the morning of August 8th, CT Group organized a special event for female employees, filled with engagement, joy, and heartfelt wishes.

The “Happy Women’s Day” program is an annual tradition at CT Group. On this occasion, the Board of Directors and all employees come together to organize various meaningful and practical activities to express their love and appreciation for women in their unique ways.

In addition to the gifts presented to female employees, CT Group hosted a Cooking and Flower Arrangement Contest with male employees participating. The dishes were attractively and meaningfully garnished, while the Flower Arrangement Contest showcased creativity, distinctiveness, and uniqueness. The women were pleasantly surprised by the dexterity and sophistication displayed by CT Group’s men. Furthermore, the female employees, dressed in traditional “ao dai,” enthusiastically cheered on the competing teams.

The messages conveyed through the dishes and flowers captured the hearts of the event participants. It can be said that the male employees seized this opportunity to show their kindness and love for the women of CT Group.

These are not just gifts but expressions of sincere care and appreciation for the contributions of female CT Group employees throughout their past and future journeys. Once again, we wish all members of the CT Group family to always exude grace, radiance, love, and experience love each day.

Let’s take a look back at the beautiful images of the program…

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